Oh Oh, You Clicked A Simulated Phishing Test!

You might feel this was an unfair test because the email was from someone you know.

But, that is how modern hacking works! You will receive an email or text message this year from someone you know that THEY DID NOT SEND.

You can no longer trust the senders’ identity on emails, caller ID, or text messages. They can all be spoofed or faked.

If this was a real attack, the hacker could now have access to:

  • Steal your files
  • Use your address book to attack your friends and colleagues
  • Turn on your webcam and record you
  • Install keystroke loggers to steal your passwords and identity
  • Install Ransomware to encrypt your files and demand payment
  • Erase your hard drive and all your files


Before you open an attachment, click a link, or call a phone number:

Contact the person who sent you the email and ask if they sent it.

Do not hit reply- use a contact method you know is accurate.

If they did not send it, delete it immediately. Do not reply or click any links in the email, including unsubscribe.